Martha Alibali [Chair]
University of Wisconsin

Daniel Ansari [Past Chair]
Western University

David Purpura [Chair Elect]
Purdue University

Colleen Ganley [Treasurer]

Florida State University

Jo-Anne LeFevre [Secretary]
Carleton University

André Knops [Editor, Journal of Numerical Cognition]

Université de Paris, France

Geetha Ramani
University of Maryland

Rebecca Bull
Macquarie University

Erin Maloney
University of Ottawa

Nancy Jordan
University of Delaware

Marie-Pascale Noël [2022 Conference Representative]
Catholic University of Louvain

Melissa Libertus [Communications Coordinator]
University of Pittsburgh

Julia Bahnmueller [Trainee Board Co-Chair]
University of Tuebingen

Andrew Ribner [Trainee Board Co-Chair]

University of Pittsburgh


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