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Special Issue of the Journal of Numerical Cognition: Direct and Conceptual Replication in Numerical Cognition

To be Edited by: Mojtaba Soltanlou, Krzysztof Cipora

The replication crisis is an ongoing critical topic in life science including psychology. The inability to replicate studies has serious consequences. For instance, theories can be grounded in unreproducible experimental work. In order to support evidence-based educational and therapeutic interventions, and strengthen the bridge between basic and applied science, the main aim of this special issue is to shed light on the robustness of the findings in the field of numerical cognition.

See a complete description on the JNC website.


Brazilian-German Winter School of Numerical Cognition

The Brazilian-German Winter School on Numerical Cognition will take place from August 5th to August 9th at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil( For a full week, we will work to foster research on numerical cognition in Brazil and to promote research partnerships with Germany and other countries.

We will have introductory lectures, research conferences, poster and oral presentations, and, in particular, working groups aiming at research partnerships (

No fees will be charged for students to attend the School. But students need to pay for their transportation and accommodation costs.

We are interested in young researchers, with previous research involvement and English language knowledge to participate in the discussions. Candidates do not necessarily need to have previous experience with numerical cognition. But they need to be interested in the subject.

Applications can be made through the link: