Submission Options

Over the past years, we have gladly seen the MCLS grow, and, with this, we have also received a growing number of conference submissions. We will do our best to accommodate as many contributions as possible. However, to allow as many people as possible to contribute, we decided to limit the submissions to one submission as the first author per person (being discussant in a symposium is not considered being a first author; there is no limit on submissions as co-author).



Submission portal opens: no later than Monday, 5 December 2022

The submission deadline has been extended to: Monday, 23 January 2023 (midnight CET)

Notification of acceptance: Monday, 6 February 2023



A symposium consists of either four presentations or three presentations and one discussant. The duration of a symposium is 75 minutes.

Due to the increasing number of symposia submissions over the past years, we may not be able to accommodate all submissions. The diversity of included speakers (in terms of, e.g., gender, geography, career stage) as well as coherence of contributions should be considered carefully when developing a symposium proposal.

We appreciate that some funding bodies require a conference contribution to allow conference expenses to be covered. In case a symposium proposal is rejected, individual presenters will be offered the opportunity to present their work as a poster instead.

Symposia submissions require:

  • Name(s), affiliation(s), & career stage of chairperson(s) and presenters
  • Title of the symposium (max. 150 characters)
  • Introduction to the topic & objectives of the symposium (max. 250 words)
  • Abstracts for each individual presentation (max. 250 words, incl. references)
  • Figures or images cannot be included


Posters, preregistration posters, and open submission talks

There will be four 60 minute poster sessions spread across the conference days. 

Poster/preregistration poster submissions require:

  • Names and affiliations of all authors
  • Poster title (max. 150 characters)
  • Poster abstract (max. 250 words, including references)
  • Figures or images cannot be included

Poster abstracts include introduction, methods, results, and conclusions.

Preregistration posters give the opportunity to submit plans for studies yet to be undertaken, rather than work that has already been completed. Preregistration posters would normally aim at getting feedback on the design of studies to be undertaken or on analysis plans for projects in progress.

Preregistration posters must include introduction (rationale for carrying out the study and hypotheses), methods (how the hypotheses will be tested), and approach for statistical analysis (how the data will be analysed and what the predicted outcomes are). Preregistration posters usually have little/no data (apart from any preliminary work that helped to generate the research question).

Open submission talk sessions last 75 minutes and consist of presentations of four trainees. Should trainees be interested in sharing their work in the form of a presentation (instead of a poster/preregistration poster), trainees have the option to enter a lottery for a spot in one of the open submission talk sessions when submitting a poster/preregistration poster abstract.


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